Blood Canticle

Genre: Fiction; Author: Anne Rice

Anne Rice, bless her spooky little heart, is working in the wrong medium. She should have turned the vampire Lestat into a comic-book character long ago. Her latest in the Vampire Chronicles, overwrought and pulpy as only Rice knows how to be, begs for Superman treatment: Follow the continuing adventures of the Dark Blood superhero as he flies into the distance to save the mystical Taltos people! Snicker as he struggles with this thing called love! Behold Lestat learning to use e-mail! While he occasionally displays the flashes of vanity, wit, and style that originally lured fans, Lestat is lately hampered with a desire to be (ick!) good. It’s a moral U-turn that drives the Blood Hunter toward the ultimate literary sin: tedium.

Originally posted October 31 2003 — 12:00 AM EST

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