Dalton Ross
October 31, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

The skies are the limit for Steven Spielberg’s ”Taken”, a 15-hour miniseries (oxymoron alert!) about extraterrestrial abductions. While the story, spanning four generations, is ambitious, the episodes themselves are uneven: chilling one hour, borderline cheesy the next. Still, in managing to cover so much ground so meticulously, the sci-fi saga is an example of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts. EXTRAS The making-of features are solid if not stunning, with cast and crew discussing both the creative process and their feelings about little gray men. But you mean to tell me they couldn’t squeeze one measly deleted scene out of a 15-hour epic? And none of the 10 directors could record a single commentary? What’s the conspiracy theory behind those blunders?

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