Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
November 07, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

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Bruce Wagner

We gave it a B+

Wagner has the odd but marvelous ability to be resolutely kind and unsparingly cutting at the same time, a contradiction played out hilariously in the final novel in the Hollywood-set trilogy that includes ”I’ll Let You Go” and ”I’m Losing You.” The title is a playful double entendre that echoes its predecessors and refers to the Buddhist notion of striving for unattachment; here, the practicing Buddhist — both earnest and ridiculous — is movie star Kit Lightfoot, a George Clooney kind of dude who suffers brain damage after a devastating accident. Interwoven with Kit’s story are those of Lisanne, a bonkers Tinseltown groupie, and Becca, a struggling (and none too sane) actress getting by as a Drew Barrymore look-alike. While celebrities from Marisa Tomei to Robert Thurman (a Buddhist prof and papa to Uma) float through, in the end, Wagner’s own characters are the real attention grabbers.

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