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Fast Forward


NOV 25

MISSY ELLIOTT This Is Not a Test Rap’s most popular female MC invites Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and Nelly to the beat party.

KORN Take a Look in the Mirror The rap-metalers hope to rock-it to the top after last year’s disappointing Untouchables.

LIL JON & THE EAST SIDE BOYZ Part II The Dirty South’s hot producer of the moment gets crunk with Busta and Jadakiss.

PUDDLE OF MUDD Life on Display CD bonus offer: You could win the gift of quality time on the road with the men of Mudd.

NOV 25

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium The volatile group’s final performances in Sept. 2000.


ELEPHANT MAN Good 2 Go Bone Crusher and Lil Jon help out the Jamai-can dancehall daddy on his fourth album.

ALICIA KEYS The Diary of Alicia Keys Nas and Rakim contribute to the braided one’s Diary, her sophomore effort.


THE OFFSPRING Splinter The O.C. punks gave Axl the Chinese Democracy title back – not that it makes a difference.

FEFE DOBSON Fefe Dobson The latest Avril hopeful churned out of the Canadian punk-pop factory.

KELIS Tasty The Neptunes, P. Diddy, and Timbaland give the Harlem native’s shake a little flavor.