Marc Bernardin
November 21, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Leave It To Chance, Vol. 3: Monster Madness

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In Season
James Robinson

We gave it an A-

The city of Devil’s Echo is as you would expect of a town saddled with such a portentous name — lousy with magic. So many arcane happenings pop up to threaten the populace that Devil’s Echo has its own supernatural protector, Lucas Falconer, the latest in a long line of heroic Falconers who have stood between Devil’s Echo and mystical ruin. But ”Leave It to Chance” is really about Lucas’ daughter, Chance, a motherless child nudging against womanhood who finds adventure in — considering where she lives — the likeliest of places. Writer James Robinson (”Starman”) and artist Paul Smith have taken the essences of Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, and Buffy and brewed a rare elixir: a mature book for children. If anyone’s wondering how to get kids to read comics again, the answer is simple: Make them this good.

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