Chris Willman
November 21, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

You can sometimes get what you want, since the 55 or so song choices in this four-disc collection of live shows should include at least a dozen of anyone’s favorites. There’s a rehearsal doc, plus separate full-length theater, stadium, and arena concerts; the former, with a defiantly rangy set list that features covers from ”Love Train” to ”The Nearness of You,” is best — though not by much, since ferociously executed obscurities pepper the epic-scale shows, too.

Worried you won’t make it through all four Stones DVDs — at a total running time of seven-plus hours? Mick and Keith insist there won’t be a quiz.

EW: Are you DVD buffs?

RICHARDS: DVD is still a bit of a mystery to me…. I tried to operate the [bonus features], and this is where I’m woefully un-high-tech, pushing buttons, trying to get in…

EW: Of the obscure songs in ”Four Flicks,” any you’re fondest of?

RICHARDS: One I never thought we’d pull off was ”Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.” We’d tried it in the distant past, and I always remember it screeching to a horrible halt. It was nice to master it.

EW: Was doing three distinct types of shows what you’d imagined?

JAGGER: The fun of the theater show was getting a shape to the set list that worked. In a stadium, if you go down to a slow number more than once, the whole thing lumbers to a halt; in a theater, you can go up and down tempo-wise.

RICHARDS: The physical proximity, being toe-to-toe — if we can still get off on that, the rest is magnification. This is a garage band, for chrissakes.

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