Michael Endelman
November 21, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

In her latest role, model/actress Heidi Klum gets in touch with her inner bee-yotch as a buxom baddie who locks lips with Willem Dafoe and Pierce Brosnan, flies a chopper, and guns down anyone in her path. Well, sort of. It all happens in the virtual universe of Electronic Arts’ upcoming ”James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing,” to which she has lent her voice and likeness. And though she possesses the icy-hot looks and accent of evil scientist Katya Nadanova, she has a remarkable — some might say healthy — ignorance of videogame history. Sonic? Who? Zelda? Never heard of her. Pikachu? Gesundheit! (”We played outside as kids,” Klum shrugs.) Her Bond IQ is also low. ”I’ve seen lots of them, but I can’t name my favorite,” she admits. Fine. Does she in any way relate to the spy she plays — as in entertaining thoughts of offing a fellow catwalker? ”I’m not someone who does mean things to get ahead.” Sigh. And so goes the world’s nicest villain.

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