Joe Millionaire: Fox
Liane Bonin
November 24, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Do you think David chose the right Eurobabe?

It looks like Dave Smith, the penniless cowboy posing as Fox’s latest ”Joe Millionaire,” won’t have to be home alone on the range anymore. On last night’s two-hour finale, the 24-year-old Texan chose the shy Czech model Linda over the sophisticated German DJ Cat. And, even though Smith went home to Austin empty-handed after a ”confused” Linda refused to accept his promise ring in Tuscany, true love prevailed: Linda met Smith in his home town and forgave him for fibbing about his nonexistant $80 million inheritance.

The happy couple, who showed considerably more genuine passion for each other than any of the contestants on the previous ”Joe Millionaire” demonstrated for Evan Marriott, soon had even more to celebrate. As expected, Paul the butler presented Linda with a check for $250,000. But David received a more personal prize from the show’s producers: the deed to a 90-acre ranch complete with a cozy cabin and a herd of cattle.

Hopefully Linda will prove herself to be less flighty now that the cameras are no longer rolling. After only a few episodes she asked to be eliminated from the game when the jealousy of the other women became too overwhelming. She later came back to the show when only two other women, Petra and Cat, remained.

But no matter how the lovebirds fare, their match couldn’t be any less romantic than that of Marriott and his chosen one, Zora Andrich, who seemingly stayed together only long enough to cash their checks. But in that case, a green card wasn’t hanging in the balance.

What do you think of David’s pick?

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