Everwood: Chris Large/The WB
EW Staff
November 26, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Why you should be watching ”Everwood”

WHAT IT IS After a patient’s untimely death this season, Dr. Brown (Treat Williams) and his son, Ephram (Gregory Smith), have struggled to find their footing among the townspeople of their small Colorado town.
WHY IT’S GREAT Don’t let the bucolic setting fool you: This is a savvy show that isn’t afraid to tackle hot-potato issues like AIDS, STDs, and homosexuality.
WHY YOU’RE NOT WATCHING ”Everybody Loves Raymond” is a ratings juggernaut over on CBS, and teens who consider themselves too cool for lead-in ”7th Heaven” don’t know what they’re missing.
WHY YOU SHOULD ”The O.C.” may be getting all the hype, but this series covers equally challenging terrain — with fewer distracting bikinis.

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