Remixed and Revisited

Genre: Pop; Lead Performer: Madonna; Producer (group): Maverick, Warner Bros.

Madonna has always had a successful second (third? eighth?) career as a remix artist, so it makes sense that she’d funk up failed singles from this year’s ”American Life” for this seven-song EP. Too bad, then, that none of these rock-leaning cuts will drive listeners to the dance floor, though props go to Headcleanr (of electronic duo Waterlillies), who gives the hippie-dippy ”Love Profusion” and the arrhythmic ”American Life” a dash of guitars. The one ”new” song (”Your Honesty”) is actually a leftover from 1994’s ”Bedtime Stories” sessions, a bouncy lark that sounds more heartfelt than anything Madge has released in years.

Originally posted November 28 2003 — 12:00 AM EST

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