Gary Susman
December 03, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Make all the amateur-porn-video jokes you want, but Paris Hilton may get the last laugh. Her reality show ”The Simple Life” scored big for Fox. According to early numbers from Nielsen, some 13 million people tuned in to Tuesday’s premiere to see what the socialite looks like with her clothes on. Her ”Green Acres”-style adventures on an Arkansas farm with pal Nicole Richie was the evening’s highest-rated show among teens and among adults 18 to 49, Fox announced. ”Simple” easily beat the debut of NBC’s ”The Tracy Morgan Show.” Fox already has another episode lined up for Wednesday night; given the choice between watching Al Roker flip the switch on the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and watching Paris and Nicole discuss chicken-plucking and threesomes, which do you think viewers will pick?

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