Jason Averett
December 05, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Bob Burns is a Movie Fan — you earn such capitalization by adding 3,000 square feet to your house strictly to accommodate an obsession. Burns, 68, who resides in Burbank with his ”very patient” wife, Kathy, is a caretaker of sci-fi silver-screen memorabilia, including a space freighter’s worth of props from Fox’s ”Alien” series. ”I’ve become known as the guy who’ll take care of this stuff,” says the now-retired Burns, who worked in the CBS film department for 35 years and counts among his friends ”Aliens”’ director, James Cameron. Fox borrowed back Burns’ cherished alien queen for ”Alien Resurrection” and the upcoming ”Alien vs. Predator,” but the Movie Fan doesn’t mind, explaining ”I’m like a storehouse.” Then he adds solemnly: ”The props are as important as paintings in the Louvre — they’re works of art. And you’ll never see them on eBay.” (Burns stars in ”Aliens in the Basement,” a featurette on the ”Alien Quadrilogy” DVD, out Dec. 2.)

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