Evanscence Photograph by Emily Shur
EW Staff
December 05, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Evanescence ranks among 2003’s top breakouts

What was the secret to the complementary partnership behind 2003’s biggest rock band (frosh or otherwise), Evanescence? ”The perfect way to describe it,” Ben Moody, the group’s musical architect, said last spring, ”is that with her” — singer-lyricist Amy Lee — ”it’s sadness and childlike darkness and innocence; and with me, it’s anger.” But did that temper get the best of him? Moody mysteriously bolted from their European tour in October, leading Lee to announce a month later that Ev would be seeking a permanent replacement. As the first new female rock star of the millennium, Lee may be able to carry on, but fans are still praying for a reconciliation. Or maybe just praying in general, given the uproar over their irreverent banter in a controversial April EW profile. Moody: ”We’re actually high on the Christian charts, and I’m like, What the f— are we even doing there?” Lee: ”I guarantee if the Christian bookstore owners listened to some of those songs, they wouldn’t sell the CD.” Indeed: The article led to their debut’s banishment from Christian retail. Not that that hampered their armor-plated ethere-ality, with 2.9 million units of ”Fallen” sold…and rising.

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