Neil Drumming
December 05, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

[PLAY] LUTHER VANDROSS ”If I Didn’t Know Better” How’s this for a touchy situation: She’s got a man, you two are just friends, but she wants it both ways. ”I could be wrong about the things you say,” Luther sings, bitterness oozing. ”But I don’t rub up on my friends that way.” Ouch! Just try to act like you haven’t been there. A

[PLAY] KYLIE MINOGUE ”Slow” Okay, it’s Kylie, so, of course, the Aussie siren’s new single is all 8-bit-memory melody and slinky vocals. But for a dance-floor ditty, this tune is refreshingly down-tempo. Plus, Kylie carries a moan better than Madonna or any other electro-pop chanteuse flexing their love muscle these days. B

[PAUSE] DANNII MINOGUE ”I Begin to Wonder” Dannii traffics in the same type of techno-hall anthems that made her sis a mint. But she’s having a tough time distinguishing herself from the other strobe-light honeys. ”Begin,” a fluttering piece of fluff one cheap synthesizer away from ”Saturday Night Fever”-style disco, isn’t likely to help her out any. C

[PAUSE] TLC (FEAT. LIL JON AND SEAN PAUL OF THE YOUNGBLOODZ) ”Come Get Some” The pop icons attempt to co-opt crunk, the raw, rowdy sound of down-South hip-hop. The result: an appalling mess of coarse catcalls and frail singing that stretches even thinner over the bare bass and synthetic handclaps. F

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