Dalton Ross
December 12, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Gigli; The Reel Me

Certain films, like Showgirls, Glitter, and Battlefield Earth, are so inept you have to love them. Gigli (R, 121 mins., 2003, Columbia TriStar) is not one of those films. It’s not so bad it’s good; it’s just bad. Ben Affleck is perhaps the least convincing mobster of all time, while Jennifer Lopez (or J. Lo, or Jenny From the Block, or whatever she goes by these days) allegedly is a lesbian, yet has steamy sex with Affleck’s character anyway. You know you’re in trouble when the humor is supposed to come via a mentally challenged man rapping the lyrics to ”Baby Got Back.”

Speaking of which, Lopez shakes her prominent posterior in the music video collection The Reel Me (Unrated, 122 mins., 2003, Sony). In addition to 16 videos and a bonus CD, you get to see Lopez grilled by MTV’s Sway, who asks such penetrating questions as ”Now, is this the video where you take off your top?” P.S. It is. Gigli: D- Reel Me:

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