Three Jerry Bruckheimer shows top TV ratings |


Three Jerry Bruckheimer shows top TV ratings

Three Jerry Bruckheimer shows top TV ratings. ''CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,'' ''Without a Trace,'' and ''CSI: Miami'' were the week's top shows

William Petersen, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(CSI: Robert Voets/CBS)

Either producer Jerry Bruckheimer has a magic touch, or TV viewers just really love shows about police investigations. Three Bruckheimer-produced shows – CBS’ ”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” ”Without a Trace” (its most-watched episode ever), and ”CSI: Miami” – were the three highest-rated programs on TV last week, according to the Associated Press. And yet another Bruckheimer-produced drama, ”Cold Case,” was at No. 9. The triumph caps off a year that also saw the Bruckheimer-produced ”Pirates of the Caribbean” become a surprise smash.

Also last week, Fox’s ”The Simple Life” surged – 12 million people watched the rural adventures of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie last week, making it Fox’s most popular program. And NBC saw respectable ratings for the third episode of ”The Tracy Morgan” show, while also scoring big with a showing of ”Titanic.”