Michael Endelman
December 26, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Outkast’s Andre 3000 gives one of the year’s Great Performances

Who needs digital? This year’s coolest photo technology was decidedly old-school, with OutKast’s soul jam ”Hey Ya!” exhorting listeners to ”shake it like a Polaroid picture.” While the video — a trippy rerub of the Beatles’ legendary 1964 Ed Sullivan Show performance — featured a multiculti crowd of cuties doing their best to oblige, it was OutKast’s Andre 3000 who stole the shot. He stars not only as the live-wire frontman (Ice Cold) but as the entire freakin’ group: the bashful guitarist (Johnny Vulture), the nerdy keyboardist (Benjamin Andre), the stoic bassist (Possum Jenkins), the frenzied drummer (Dookie), and a trio of backup singers (the Love Haters), who are inexplicably done up in equestrian gear. Complete with a stiff British introduction (courtesy of Ryan Phillippe), this homage kills from the count-off to the final fade-out. ”Andre’s performance was so energetic, all the extras stayed around just to watch him,” says director Bryan Barber. ”Now we have to outdo ourselves on the next one.” Good luck.

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