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Why YOU say ''My Girl'' is a top tearjerker

Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky (1991, Columbia TriStar)

Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Culkin, ...

(My Girl: Everett Collection)

Why YOU say ”My Girl” is a top tearjerker

Few things are more affecting than watching childhood innocence mercilessly destroyed by the hands of fate. Precocious 11-year-old tomboy Vada Sultenfuss (played to perfection by the pouty Chlumsky) spends the summer contemplating life with best friend Thomas J. (an adorably prepubescent Culkin). But while the angsty preteen grapples with adolescence – her first crush, her first period, her first kiss – she?s also forced to grow up after suffering a tragic loss.

KLEENEX MOMENT When Vada arrives at Thomas J.?s funeral, she runs over to his open casket and says, “Wanna go tree-climbing, Thomas J.? His face hurts! And where?s his glasses? He can?t see without his glasses!”

WHY WE TEAR-JERKED IT Heck, half of all movies made are about the loss of innocence, and this one just didn?t seem all that special. Besides, he dies of a bee sting. Lame!