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Why YOU say ''My Life'' is a top tearjerker

Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman (1993, Columbia TriStar)

Nicole Kidman, My Life (Movie - 1993)

(My Life: Merrick Morton)

Why YOU say ”My Life” is a top tearjerker

Though we know PR guru and expectant father Bob Jones (Keaton) is going to die from the get-go, Bruce Joel Rubin’s blubberfest leaves us devastated well after the final credits roll. It’s difficult to watch brave Bob’s physical decline from an able-bodied exec to a feeble man who must rely on his father for a shave and his wife (Kidman) to feed him, but it’s his preparations (in an ode to camera-happy parents) for the arrival of his son – videotaped confessions about love, revelations about his past, and reflections on life – that truly wreak havoc on our eyes and souls.

KLEENEX MOMENT Before his final breath, Kidman looks at an inaudible Keaton and says, ”You don’t have to talk. I know what’s in your heart.”

WHY WE TEAR-JERKED IT We know it sounds cold and heartless, but we had too many cancer movies – ”Love Story,” ”Brian’s Song,” ”Terms of Endearment” – on the list already, and we wanted to spread the sobs around.