Somewhere in TIme: Everett Collection
EW Staff
January 05, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Why YOU say ”Time” is a top tearjerker

Obsessed by a 1912 portrait of a beautiful actress (Seymour), young playwright Richard (Reeves) finds a photo taken late in her life and recognizes the mysterious old woman who once pressed an antique watch into his hand and said, ”Come back to me.” What else can he do but will himself through time?

KLEENEX MOMENT When Richard, thinking he’s lost his newfound love, slumps on the veranda of a grand hotel, not knowing she’s on the lawn below, running toward him with joyful abandon.

WHY WE TEAR-JERKED IT To be honest, we’ve got no good reason other than that we just didn’t feel it was better than any of the 50 films on the list. Sue us.

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