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Our guide to top ''Friends'' eps from season 6

Our guide to top ”Friends” eps from season 6

PLOT Monica’s parents, who have never liked Chandler, are coming to Thanksgiving dinner, and he’s determined to win them over. Phoebe confesses she had a romantic dream about Mr. Geller, and Janine invites Ross and Joey to join her dancer friends’ feast. If only they could get away from Monica and Chandler’s apartment… BEST LINE ”Whoa – snowin’ out there?” (Chandler, accidentally calling attention to Mr. Geller’s dandruff) CRITIQUE There are many reasons to give thanks for this episode: the always-welcome return of Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles as Monica and Ross’ folks; Perry’s masterful hemming and hawing as he digs himself deeper and deeper with them; and Rachel’s deliciously awful cooking (she mistakenly combines the recipes for English trifle and shepherd’s pie). It’s a comedic cornucopia! A-

PLOT Rachel announces that her ex-fiancé, Barry, and best friend, Mindy, are getting a divorce, and she wonders what life would be like if she had gotten married to him. The gang also imagines a parallel universe in which Ross never divorced Carol, Chandler pursued a writing career, Monica was still fat (and a virgin), Phoebe was a stockbroker, and Joey remained as Dr. Drake Ramoray on ”Days of Our Lives.” INTRODUCES Cole Mitchell Sprouse (”Big Daddy”) as Ben. CREATIVE CASTING Kristian Alfonso as Hope Brady (her ”Days of Our Lives” character) and Paul Gleason (”The Breakfast Club”) as Phoebe’s boss. NEW ‘DO Phoebe, Monica, Rachel CRITIQUE Yes, it’s the last refuge of sitcom writers who’ve run out of new ideas: the ”what-if” episode. Which raises the question, What if you never wasted an hour of your life watching this forced groaner? D+

PLOT Chandler’s proposal dinner with Monica is marred by the surprise appearance of Richard, who later confesses he still loves her. Ross tires of Elizabeth’s juvenile behavior and calls off the relationship. Rachel invites Joey to join her at a charity auction, where he accidentally buys a $20,000 sailboat. HISTORIC MOMENTS We learn that Phoebe and Joey made a pact that they’ll marry each other if neither one is wed by 40, leading Rachel to sign up Ross as her ”backup.” Monica gets not one, but two proposals – from Chandler and Richard. How much more historic can you get? BEST LINE ”If you’re not careful, you may not get married at all this year.” (Chandler, to the oft-wed Ross) CRITIQUE Although the Richard wrinkle is a blatant deus ex machina, the romantic predicament allows Cox Arquette and Perry to deliver their finest, funniest performances to date. If you can watch the proposal scene with dry eyes, you’re made of stronger stuff than we are. Plus, the sight of LeBlanc in a captain’s uniform alone is worth tuning in to see. A