Josh Wolk
January 09, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Seeing Spots

You may recognize Scott Adsit from all your favorite TV shows…well, the commercial breaks, anyway. The balding comic actor has been a fixture in the ad world of late, being happily hit in the groin by a bowling ball for Washington Mutual or chasing Bambi as the ”man raised by wolves” for Honda’s Pilot.

Adsit is familiar to comedy obsessives for roles in Mr. Show and Tenacious D shorts. (Next summer he appears in the Tom Hanks — Steven Spielberg film The Terminal.) Oddly, Adsit says he is most recognized for his mid-’90s stint in the Tina Fey — Rachel Dratch era of Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe. ”I’ve had people in England stop me and say, ‘Were you in Second City?”’ More than from all those national TV spots? ”Come on,” he laughs. ”Who watches ads?” — Josh Wolk




1964 Zorba the Greek Bates’ prim Brit is the counterweight to Anthony Quinn’s title character.

1968 The Fixer Bates earned an Oscar nod as a Russian Jew under police torture for a crime he didn’t commit in the screen version of Bernard Malamud’s novel.

1970 Women in Love The actor remembered the D.H. Lawrence adaptation as a favorite. Students of nude scenes remember his wrestling match with Oliver Reed.

1978 An Unmarried Woman A heartthrob moment. Bates’ bearded painter is as sensitive as he is manly, and Jill Clayburgh is the lover who turns him down.

1990 Hamlet Mel Gibson is the prince, Glenn Close is Gertrude, Bates is Claudius, and the tension is divine.

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