Alynda Wheat
January 09, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

WHY HIM He’s been making us laugh since The Ropers.

WHY NOW His con job on Arrested Development needs no laugh track.

”There’s not an adorable chromosome in my body.” For some reason, Tambor really wants this to be true. It’s not. How else to explain his ability to inject such pathos into George Bluth Sr., the paterfelonious of Fox’s Arrested Development? Perhaps it’s because he’s very good, earning four Emmy nods as beloved jackass Hank Kingsley on HBO’s Larry Sanders Show. Or maybe he actually admires Bluth. ”His motives are straight survival, which means ‘I win, you lose.”’ But get Tambor, 59, talking about kids (he has an adult daughter and wants more children with wife Kasia) and he loses all bluster. ”I don’t know whether a Bing Crosby bug bit me, but my five-year plan is: I have this big, snowy New England house, and there I am, making snow angels with my [future] kids.” Such a frosty fantasy for a Left Coaster! ”I’m not crazy about L.A. in the winter,” he explains. ”They didn’t tell me in the brochure there’d be so much sun.”

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