The Simple Life: Michael Yarish
Brian Hiatt
January 15, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Thoughts on the ”reunion”? Talk here

Doesn’t a reunion show usually air AFTER the season ends? That didn’t stop Wednesday’s cheesy hour-long ”The Simple Life Reunion” from mysteriously preceding Thursday night’s finale of Paris and Nicole’s hick-tastic adventures in Arkansas.

Former ”Entertainment Tonight” reporter Leeza Gibbons served as an appropriately vacuous host for a heavily padded, product-placement-packed hour that was more awkward — but much less funny — than any of the real show’s culture-clash moments .

“You’re a wonderful example of what a family can be,” Gibbons squeaked at the Ledings, whose sour-faced matriarch seemed less than delighted with the compliment. Paris and Nicole, meanwhile, took turns switching between boredom and contempt.

At least the Ledings finally got some compensation for their pain and suffering, in the form of a gleaming new car. And Paris and Nicole, for their part, got to pretend to give the car to them. That almost counts as generosity. Plus, the inept pair finally did a job right — they drove that thing onto a packed stage without killing even one person. See, life lessons learned.

What did you think of the ”reunion special”? What do you think will happen in the season finale? What do you HOPE will happen? And where should Paris and Nicole go next season (if they sign on for another show, as reported)?

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