Clarissa Cruz
January 16, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Time was, celebrities had to be of a certain level, like J. Lo and P. Diddy (or at least Jaclyn Smith), to merit their own clothing line. But now it seems anyone with a SAG card and a dream can indulge her designer aspirations, with Taryn Manning, Jaime Pressly, and syndication queen Pamela Anderson each at work on a fashion line. ”It’s all stretch fabric,” says Pressly of her lingerie collection, J’aime (below). Manning, best known for playing Eminem’s ex in 8 Mile, describes her upcoming Born Uniqorn line — yes, that’s how she spells it — as ”street meets bohemian.” As for the moniker? ”Unicorns are just cool,” she says. ”They’re not real — they’re make-believe, gorgeous, strong horses with horns.” C-list or not, she deserves an Oscar just for saying that with a straight face.

— additional reporting by Alice M. Lee and Nick White

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