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Leading Men

Think you know the year's top box office earners? Think again.

Who needs Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe when you have…Bruce Spence? The heretofore little-known New Zealander, who appeared in several recent blockbusters – he voiced the shark Chum in ”Finding Nemo” and played that creepy subway dude in ”The Matrix Revolutions” – was one of the foreign gents who trumped Hollywood’s titans last year, at least per combined box office. (The top woman: Brit triple threat Keira Knightley, from ”Pirates of the Caribbean,” ”Love Actually,” and ”Bend It Like Beckham.”) Here are five folks who can call themselves 2003’s biggest movie stars.



The Return of the King 290.4 The Matrix Reloaded 281.5 The Matrix Revolutions 138.3 TOTAL 710.2


Finding Nemo 339.7 Pirates of the Caribbean 305.4 Intolerable Cruelty 35.1 TOTAL 680.2

ORLANDO BLOOM Pirates of the Caribbean 305.4 The Return of the King 290.4 TOTAL 595.8


Finding Nemo 339.7 The Matrix Revolutions 138.3 Peter Pan 34.2 TOTAL 512.2


The Return of the King 290.4 X2: X-Men United 214.9 TOTAL 505.3

For movies released in 2003. Source: Exhibitor Relations Co., Inc.