Gary Susman
January 16, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

It could be a while before there’s another Mystikal record. On Thursday, the Grammy-nominated rapper was sentenced to six years for sexual battery for forcing his hairdresser to have sex with him and two bodyguards, the Associated Press reports. He was also sentenced to five years probation for extortion. The 33-year-old was led away from the Baton Rouge, La., courthouse in handcuffs to begin serving his sentence.

The charges stemmed from a July 2002 incident in which Mystikal (real name: Michael Tyler) confronted the hairdresser, accusing her of kiting $80,000 worth of his checks. (Her lawyer told the Louisiana Advocate on Thursday that she did not steal from Mystikal.) The ”Shake Ya Ass” rapper allegedly told her he wouldn’t turn her into the police if she would have sex with him and bodyguards Leland ”Pokie” Ellis and Vercy ”V” Carter. Baton Rouge police later searched Mystikal’s apartment and found a videotape of the sex acts. Last June, Mystikal reversed his initial plea of not guilty and struck a deal with prosecutors, averting a trial and a possible 10-year sentence. Ellis was sentenced to three years in prison, Carter to four.

Since the assault, Mystikal has paid the woman $350,000 — his way of ”continuing to try to make up to all involved for the distress,” he told in an interview last January. ”She can start the healing process,” her lawyer, Harry Ezim Jr. told the Advocate. ”Mystikal mystified my client, and today he was mystified by the court system.”

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