Joshua Rich
January 16, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Swimming to Antarctica

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Lynne Cox

We gave it a B+

The first time Cox visited France she swam there, becoming, at age 15, the fastest person to traverse the English Channel. Ever since, the American athlete (blessed with a one-in-a-billion physique that keeps her warm and buoyant in chilly waters) has gained renown for daring jaunts on every continent. Cox recalls the rolling tides of a career in which she’s braved the polluted Nile while stricken with dysentery, drawn notice from Mikhail Gorbachev for crossing the Bering Strait, and become the first person to dodge icebergs through a mile of the near-freezing Antarctic sea. While her tone seems to shun introspection and her style lacks much flair, Cox writes in such deft detail that even a cursory read leaves one shivering for a warm towel.

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