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'Who's' Yule Daddy

Last-minute holiday shoppers gave the gift of Bill O’Reilly this season: ”Who’s Looking Out for You?,” the book by the Fox shouting head. It leaps to a surprising No. 1 on the nonfiction list, buoyed no doubt by Bill’s December media blitz, which included stops on ”Today,” ”Conan,” and ”Regis and Kelly.”


1 THE DA VINCI CODE Dan Brown, Doubleday, $24.95 40 2 THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN Mitch Albom, 13 Hyperion, $19.95 3 THE BIG BAD WOLF James Patterson, Little, Brown, $27.95 5 4 HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX 27 J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, $29.99 5 BLEACHERS John Grisham, Doubleday, $19.95 15 6 WOLVES OF THE CALLA: THE DARK TOWER, BOOK V 7 Stephen King, Scribner/Grant, $35 7 TROJAN ODYSSEY Clive Cussler, Putnam, $27.95 4 8 ODD THOMAS Dean Koontz, Bantam, $26.95 2 9 THE HORNET’S NEST Jimmy Carter, Simon & Schuster, $27 5 10 SKIPPING CHRISTMAS John Grisham, Doubleday, $14.95 32


1 WHO’S LOOKING OUT FOR YOU? Bill O’Reilly, Broadway, $24.95 13 2 THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE Rick Warren, Zondervan, $19.99 47 3 THE SOUTH BEACH DIET Arthur Agatston, M.D., Rodale, $24.95 37 4 THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MISTER ROGERS: IMPORTANT 9 THINGS TO REMEMBER Fred Rogers, Hyperion, $16.95 5 FLYBOYS: A TRUE STORY OF COURAGE 12 James Bradley, Little, Brown, $25.95 6 DUDE, WHERE’S MY COUNTRY? Michael Moore, Warner, $24.95 11 7 LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM: A FAIR AND 18 BALANCED LOOK AT THE RIGHT Al Franken, Dutton, $24.95 8 THE PRESENT: THE GIFT THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND 2 SUCCESSFUL AT WORK AND IN LIFE Spencer Johnson, Doubleday, $19.95 9 THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT SOLUTION: THE 7 KEYS TO WEIGHT LOSS 15 FREEDOM Dr. Phil McGraw, Free Press, $26 10 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: AN AMERICAN LIFE 16 Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster, $30





HELL AT THE BREECH Tom Franklin (Perennial, $12.95) This tough yet nuanced and intermittently beautiful historical drama didn’t quite make our Best Books of 2003 list last month, but it was close. Set in 1897 Alabama and starring guys named Mack and Tooch, it’s about a wicked posse gone out of control and a pair of young brothers mired in the trouble.

ALL HE EVER WANTED Anita Shreve (Back Bay, $14.95) Awful marriage, bad husband, better wife, good book – the latest from the superselling author of The Pilot’s Wife is a reliably gripping page-turner.

BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE Ben Mezrich (Free Press, $14) ”The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions,” according to the subtitle, is Mezrich’s tense best-seller about brilliant blackjack cheaters.

WAITING FOR SNOW IN HAVANA Carlos Eire (Free Press, $14) Eire’s memoir of growing up in Cuba – until 1962, when he was airlifted out, three years after Castro took power – just won the National Book Award for nonfiction.