Amber Tamblyn is among this year's Award winners |


Amber Tamblyn is among this year's Award winners

Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn

(Amber Tamblyn: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS)

Amber Tamblyn is among this year’s Award winners

FOR ”Joan of Arcadia”

WHY? What if God was one of us? Then He or She would probably enjoy checking in on a regular basis with Tamblyn’s perfectly adorable teen mystic. Which, in fact, God does, offering Joan Girardi such cosmic advice as: Get a job. Learn chess. Figure things out for yourself. In other words, stuff that a typical teen would probably do anyway without ”Joan of Arcadia”’s celestial gimmick. But that’s Tamblyn’s secret heavenly gift: making ordinary adolescence into the stuff of compelling TV drama. As for the 20-year-old actress’ ability to turn her popular show into a long-running hit series, we’ll take it on faith.

(Golden Globe nomination: Best Actress in a Drama Series)