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Critic's Choices

SUMMERLAND (The WB) Continuing the net’s welcome emphasis on family dramas like Everwood, Summerland stars Full House’s Lori Loughlin as a single fashion designer who reins it in to care for her two young nephews and a niece when their parents die. Could be a heart-warmer that doesn’t go all gooey on us. (June)

PRIME SUSPECT 6: THE LAST WITNESS (PBS) Helen Mirren makes PBS worth watching again: She’s back after a six-year absence as police mystery solver Jane Tennison, the coolest middle-aged woman ever to bark out orders to sullen coppers. (April 18)

THE D.A. (ABC) If Steven Weber can translate the snappy intelligence he radiated in Once and Again to this drama about an L.A. lawyer, he may have some success with a series that also features an intriguing, diverse cast (Bruno Campos and J.K. Simmons) and quality producers (from Nip/Tuck and L.A. Law). (spring)

DENNIS MILLER (CNBC) Since he’s abandoned his garbled Ayn Rand-style philosophy to become a shrieking pro-war hawk, Miller’s swooping descent from HBO to the home of Squawk Box should be a thrilling kamikaze ride. (Jan. 26)

ROCKED WITH GINA GERSHON (IFC) Apparently, playing a rocker in the ‘03 film Prey for Rock & Roll turned Gershon into a wannabe; still, any reality show promising ”bad sound checks” vaults onto my must-see list. (April 5)

HUFF (Showtime) Psychiatrist Hank Azaria copes with a patient suicide, a willful wife (witty Paget Brewster), a willful-er mother (Blythe Danner), and a wisecracking friend (finally, a seemingly good TV vehicle for Oliver Platt). Dream cast, terrific director (My So-Called Life’s Scott Winant). Add in promised fantasy-life elements for Azaria, and this could be magical. (summer)