Brian Hiatt
January 24, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Ross and Rachel get together, and Chandler and Monica get divorced. Okay, just kidding. We don’t actually know what happens on the hour-long final episode of ”Friends,” but we do know that it was taped on a high-security set on Friday, according to the Associated Press. A select audience of 200 people attended the taping, which concluded around midnight with the cast taking a lengthy series of bows, the wire service reported.

And even the invited audience didn’t get to see everything that will air in May. ”There are elements that the audience will not be seeing that we’ll be shooting,” series creator Marta Kauffman told AP. ”And then you just keep your fingers crossed that everybody lives up to [expectations].” Hey, as long as Marcel doesn’t come back, we’ll be happy.

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