Gary Susman
February 07, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Just four days after snowboarder Tara ”The Terrorizer” Dakides terrorized David Letterman and his studio audience by falling at least 15 feet and cracking her head during a street stunt outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, Dakides plans to return to the ”Late Show.” She won’t be wearing a helmet this time either, but she’s not likely to do anything more dangerous than sit in Dave’s guest chair. After scrapping Thursday’s show, during which the ill-fated stunt was taped, Letterman told his audience on Friday that Dakides would be out of the hospital and back on the show on Monday.

Letterman aired a rerun in place of Thursday’s show and visited the recent X Games silver medalist at Bellevue Hospital, where she reportedly quipped that the worst thing about her fall was the 5.6 rating it earned her from the French judge. On Friday, Letterman told viewers, ”She’s fine and she’s going to go back to her career, and so what looked like just a horrific, miserable tragedy yesterday in fact has a happy ending. And Monday, the young woman, Tara Dakides, will be here and we’ll talk with her about the ordeal.”

Still, Letterman was able to mine the accident for some comedy. ”Tonight’s bungee jump off the Ed Sullivan Theater building has been canceled,” he said during Friday’s monologue. ”I was thinking about it last night: as a matter of fact, there hasn’t been a jump that ill-advised since I moved from NBC to CBS.”

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