Jesus: Everett Collection
EW Staff
February 13, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Jeremy Sisto: He played Jesus — what’s he done since?

WHAT IT IS This three-hour CBS miniseries earned mixed reviews for its portrayal of Jesus as a regular guy who enjoys his job as a carpenter, isn’t above singing and dancing at a wedding, and might have wanted to settle down with the right girl if not for his higher calling.

COSTARS Jacqueline Bisset as Mary, Debra Messing (pictured with Sisto) as Mary Magdalene

HIS CAREER B.C. He survived the 1999 TV series The ’60s.

HIS CAREER A.D. He was Brenda’s troubled brother, Billy, for five seasons on Six Feet Under; played another ancient historical figure, Julius Caesar, in the 2002 eponymous miniseries; and has a role opposite Keri Russell in this spring’s Waitress.

FINAL JUDGMENT The fact that he was able to keep working after the wretched The ’60s is the real miracle here.

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