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Starsky & Hutch

(Starsky & Hutch: Melinda Sue Gordon)

”It’s so old school,” says Todd Phillips. The director isn’t talking about his 2003 hit college comedy, but rather his new movie, a retro take on a ’70s TV staple. ”We basically made the show with Ben [Stiller] and Owen[Wilson] .” The 1975-set prequel of sorts finds a polyester-clad Starsky (Stiller) cruising in his cherry-red Ford Torino and teaming for the first time with Hutch (Wilson) to swing with the ladies (Amy Smart and Carmen Electra), chat up fly ”urban informant” Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg), and hunt a ruthless drug trafficker (Vince Vaughn). The $60 million action comedy is a pet project of Stiller’s, who’s also an exec producer. ”I was 10 when the show was on,” says Stiller. (Wilson, by the way, was 6, and Phillips was 4.) ”It’s ingrained in my childhood memories.” Indeed, the film is filled with boyhood fantasies. ”There are a lot of power slides and peel-outs in the car,” Stiller marvels, ”and a lot of jumping over rooftops.” Now THAT’s old school.