''America's Next Top Model'' judge tells a tall tale

''America's Next Top Model'' judge tells a tall tale. Janice Dickinson isn't the first supermodel she claims to be

CLAIM In every episode of America’s Next Top Model, judge Janice Dickinson is introduced as the world’s very first ”supermodel,” a term the show’s lippy looker claims to have coined in 1979.

EVIDENCE The word supermodel appeared as early as 1948 – nearly a decade before the Vogue and Playboy beauty was born – when small-time modeling agent Clyde Matthew Dessner ”super”-sized the profession in his book So You Want to be a Model! And in 1975, when Dickinson was just learning to catwalk, Newsweek revived the term to anoint Veruschka and Margaux Hemingway.

Originally posted February 27 2004 — 12:00 AM EST

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