Dave Chappelle: Danielle Levitt
Mike Flaherty
February 27, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

We gave it an A-

Together with ”South Park,” its Wednesday-night lead-in, Chappelle’s Show has gone a long way toward helping Comedy Central finally live up to its name. A prankster with a mile-wide grin, Dave Chappelle knows no bounds when it comes to machine-gunned ridicule — in addition to easy satirical targets like Hollywood and Madison Avenue, the profane stand-up’s skits just as exuberantly lampoon white and black racism (with a healthy, hilarious dose of the N-word). It’s his determined playfulness that makes his embrace of ethnic and racial stereotypes not offensive but refreshing. He baaad…but oh so good. EXTRAS Five of the 12 episodes feature for-fanatics-only commentary by Chappelle and cocreator Neal Brennan, and a half hour of bloopers and deleted scenes feels superfluous given the no-expletives-barred treatment throughout. This set is randy enough without them.

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