Havana World Series

Havana World Series

Genre: Fiction; Author: Jose Latour; Publisher: Grove

Anyone who has seen ”The Godfather Part II” knows that the mix of political intrigue, revolutionaries, gangsters, and government-sanctioned gambling in late-’50s Cuba offers a wealth of dramatic possibilities. José Latour, a native of Cuba and author of 1999’s ”Outcast,” blends those ingredients to perfection in Havana World Series, cooking up a tale as dark, rich, and satisfying as a pot of extra-meaty carne guisado.

The book, which details a casino rip-off and its bloody aftermath, features real-life bad guys like Meyer Lansky and Joe Bonanno. But it’s the intricately drawn cast of career criminals who spring from Latour’s rich imagination that makes ”Havana” so enjoyable, a sure thing for any fan of exotic noir.

Originally posted February 27 2004 — 12:00 AM EST

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