Nisha Gopalan
February 27, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Roswell: The Complete First Season

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We gave it a B-

The mutant child of My So-Called Life writer Jason Katims and X-Files director-producer David Nutter, the former WB series begins as a sweet, giddy tale of two literally star-crossed teens. But the compelling connection between doe-eyed girl-next-door Liz (Appleby) and stone-faced otherworldly hunk Max (Behr) quickly transcends the obvious alien/alienation metaphor. Unabashedly sentimental yet witty in all the right places, Roswell takes off when grounded in the domestic: the kids’ explosive chemistry (they have visions when they kiss); their Goonies-like outings (as Max discovers his roots); playing around with superpowers (like melting cheese instantaneously). But toward season’s end, when the plot grows restless and devolves into less talk and more action, this supernova sputters out in an embarrassing bid for ratings. EXTRAS You can skip the deleted scene, featurettes, producer voice-overs, and audition tapes — and head straight for the giggly commentary from Appleby and costar Majandra Delfino, who dish about their fellow cast members’ physiques and faking orgasms.

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