Jamie Malanowski
February 27, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

EW chats with three stars of writer-director Todd Graff’s Fame-in-the-woods film about a retreat for theater-loving teens, on DVD Feb. 24 (PG-13, 114 mins., 2003, MGM).

EW Did you ever attend a place like Camp Ovation?

JOANNA CHILCOAT (who plays the lovely but insecure Ellen): Nothing quite so trippy. I went to a theater camp, but it was Shakespeare-intensive.

ROBIN DEJESUS (the emerging transvestite Michael): I worked at a theater camp in Connecticut, but it was more like babysitting.

DANIEL LETTERLE (Vlad, the handsome attention addict): No, but I did a tour of West Side Story, where I was surrounded by gay men and gorgeous, longing girls. It was basically the same.

EW Did you have trouble relating to your characters?

Robin No, I’m used to seeing life as an outsider. Michael’s going through a rough time at an early age.

DANIEL There was certainly a part of me that, like Vlad, wanted to be the apple of everyone’s eye.

JOANNA At one point I was Ellen. The only thing she knows is she’s good at theater, and other kids don’t understand. Ellen has to work to understand her passion, and herself.

EW What are your favorite deleted scenes on the DVD?

Joanna There’s an awesome taping of the whole cast singing ”How Shall I See You Through My Tears.”

DANIEL There’s a baseball-game scene that’s really funny.

JOANNA I love that scene! I’m terrible at every sport, and I got to pitch!

ROBIN The camp director decides he wants to do stuff to make us more normal, so he invites this other camp to play softball. A guy from the other camp calls me a faggot, and I punch him.

EW How has life since Camp been treating you?

ROBIN I traveled to all the premieres, got an agent, and moved to Manhattan. That’s big for me, because I’m a mama’s boy.

JOANNA I entered the University of Maryland, and I’m shooting Hide and Seek with Robert De Niro.

DANIEL I’ve done two movies: The Debate Team, a drama about high school kids, and Monster Island, with Carmen Electra. Yeah, it might be my best work.

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