Michael Jackson: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com
Gary Susman
March 02, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Sure, most pop stars have their own official websites, but on how many of those websites can you meet the star’s lawyers? You can at MJJSource.com, Michael Jackson’s new website, which launched Monday. The site marks Jackson’s latest attempt to retake control of his public image in the wake of his pending charges of child molestation. Explains the singer, in a statement on the site: ”I have become disturbed and troubled as a result of people speaking on my behalf whom I do not know. For months, I have listened to reports that are inaccurate because most have been based on hearsay, and not fact. I have also listened, with amazement, to people who have misrepresented their relationships with me. I will use this site as one of the mediums for speaking out on my own behalf.”

The site, which will feature video clips, interview snippets, and pictures of Jackson and his children, will also be the clearinghouse for official public statements and news about his legal defense. (Hence the bios and pictures of his attorneys.) There’s no statement yet explaining his recent ski-masked shopping visit to a Glenwood Springs, Colo., Wal-Mart store (he was pulled over afterward by police but was let go when he lifted his mask and revealed himself as the King of Pop), though there is a statement saying that he was in the Rocky Mountain resort region for a family vacation and not to undergo rehab in Aspen, contrary to recent rumors.

There’s also no response to the latest development in his child molestation case: the unsealing on Monday of the search warrant executed in January at the Calabasas, Calif., home of Jackson videographer F. Marc Schaffel. According to court documents, investigators raided the home of Schaffel — whose projects for Jackson include a 2003 TV special shot at Neverland, and who has also produced and directed gay porn movies — and took many items, including a DVD labeled ”Neverland Party,” several unspecified Jackson-related documents, four photos, six computers or hard drives, and dozens of videotapes. No word on the contents of the seized items. Jackson’s next court date on the child molestation charges, which he has called ”a big lie,” is April 2.

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