Gary Susman
March 04, 2004 AT 12:00 PM EST

There are a couple of ways a celebrity can use TV as a forum to defuse a scandal. Either apologize and grovel before Oprah (or Jay Leno, or Larry King), or else spoof yourself on ”Saturday Night Live” (as Winona Ryder and Paris Hilton have done). Looks like Janet Jackson is going the latter route. and the New York Daily News report that she’s in talks to appear on ”SNL” next month, just after the March 29 release of her new album, ”Damita Jo.” The gig would mark her first TV appearance since her notorious ”wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl last month.

Network sources tell the Daily News that Jackson and NBC are negotiating an appearance on one of two April dates. According to MSNBC, she’d serve as both host and musical guest, probably on April 10. A source familiar with the situation says, ”She?s stayed out of the public eye since the whole Super Bowl fiasco. She?ll almost certainly do a skit that will refer to and spoof [the incident] in hopes of encouraging everyone to chill about this whole thing.” An ”SNL” spokesperson said of a possible Jackson appearance: ”It is not confirmed at this time.” Wonder if we’ll get to see ”SNL” player Amy Poehler reprise her rendition of Michael Jackson on that show.

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