The Apprentice: Scott Duncan
EW Staff
March 11, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Here are Katrina Campins’s odds of winning ”The Apprentice”

OCCUPATION Real estate agent

SMARTEST MOVE Using her real estate expertise to hire a contractor to help with the overwhelming apartment renovations.

DUMBEST MOVE Letting all that expertise go to waste by handing rental negotiations over to mealymouthed Bill.

WHY SHE WILL WIN She deflected attention from her management failure on the apartment task by emphasizing teammate Tammy’s disloyal boardroom assertion that Troy ”duped” their group.

WHY SHE WON’T She bungled her one chance to shine in her own field, and with Ereka gone, she’s now without an ally. Plus, she’s annoying.

WHAT THE BOSSES SAY ”Totally dynamic on the negative side, totally dynamic on the positive side,” says Burnett. Trump hails her ”real estate savvy” but says, ”she can be duped, though she doesn’t think so.”

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