The Apprentice: Scott Duncan
EW Staff
March 11, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Here are Troy McClain’s odds of winning ”The Apprentice”

OCCUPATION Insurance-business owner

SMARTEST MOVE Helping his team land the better property during the apartment-renovation challenge by eavesdropping on, and then refusing to negotiate with, nosy Katrina.

DUMBEST MOVE Pushing cheesy Planet Hollywood merchandise on unsuspecting Times Square tourists by having Kwame sign autographs under the vague implication that he was someone famous.

WHY HE WILL WIN He hasn’t been on Trump’s chopping block since week 1. Plus, he’s got that good-old-boy charm that masks the cunning businessman beneath.

WHY HE WON’T The corn-fed shtick could backfire, and opponents doubt his ethics (see Smartest/Dumbest Move).

WHAT THE BOSSES SAY ”Heart and soul and humor are his strengths; naïveté is his weakness,” says ”Apprentice” exec producer Mark Burnett. Adds Donald Trump: ”The country bumpkin is perhaps more street-smart than any of the city slickers.”

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