Gary Susman
March 16, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Having won an Oscar for working both sides of the law in ”Training Day,” Denzel Washington is about to play a similar role for the same director, Antoine Fuqua. Variety reports that Washington and Fuqua will reteam for Universal’s ”The Return of Superfly.” No, it’s not a sequel to the blaxploitation franchise; it’s about the real-life Superfly, Frank Lucas, a Harlem heroin kingpin of the early 1970s who smuggled drugs into the country in the body bags of soldiers slain in Vietnam, and who earned the nickname for his flashy fashion sense.

In this version of Lucas’ life story, scripted by Steven Zaillian (”Gangs of New York”), Lucas turns state’s evidence and helps lawman Richie Roberts hunt down corrupt cops and their overseas connections. Washington, whose thriller ”Man on Fire” opens next month, and Fuqua, whose ”King Arthur” is due in July, will film ”Superfly” this summer.

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