Genre: Fiction; Author: Matthew Reilly

”And then time slowed and Schofield did the impossible. He let the WRX ride so high up the rocky wall that, five meters short of the tunnel’s archway, the electric blue rally car went too high…and rolled…to the left, turning completely upside down…so that it landed, on its roof…on the roof of the low-slung Ferrari traveling beside it.” If that ungainly slice of Hot Wheels fantasy does it for you, then you should by all means tear into Aussie wunderkind Matthew Reilly’s newest techno-thriller. The international-bounty-hunt-cum-world-domination yarn is so lightning-paced – the book’s hero, U.S. Marine Capt. Shane ”Scarecrow” Schofield, races through Siberia, Afghanistan, France,Italy, and Saudi Arabia…all in one day! – that you’ll barely be able to register the gaping plot holes or infinite last-second escapes. Ultimately, we’d rather play Splinter Cell.

Originally posted March 19 2004 — 12:00 AM EST

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