Alice King
March 26, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Season 5 of the hilariously boozy British comedy Absolutely Fabulous (Unrated, 240 mins., 2003, Warner) finds Jennifer Saunders’ Edina (pictured, right) and her Botox-happy pal Patsy (Joanna Lumley) contending with a baby, a panic room, and a set of false teeth in a most unusual place.

Is this the last season for Patsy and Edina?

They could go on forever — they’ll just get very, very bad-tempered because they’re so old. And Patsy will have more and more surgery and probably end up in a pickle jar somewhere.

Patsy and Edina behave so terribly, yet we love them….

If they felt they were going too far, you might think they weren’t so nice because they’d be doing it on purpose. But they’re not, really; I suppose they’re more like children in that respect.

Please tell us that putting dentures in the Christmas turkey’s bum and calling it Princess Anne isn’t some British tradition.

[Laughs] It should be, shouldn’t it?! Don’t you think?

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