Gary Susman
March 29, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Hollywood’s hot new genre: remakes of old Michael Caine crime flicks. After ”Get Carter,” ”The Italian Job,” and the upcoming ”Sleuth,” the next in line is Universal’s update of 1966’s ”Gambit,” which will star Jennifer Aniston. She’ll play the role that was Shirley MacLaine’s the first time, a woman enlisted by a master thief (the Caine role) to help steal a statue from a millionaire, whose late wife she resembles. No word yet on a male lead, though Ben Kingsley is attached to play the millionaire, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Bo Welch (”The Cat in the Hat”) will direct the screenplay, written by Joel and Ethan Coen (who just remade another British caper, ”The Ladykillers”) and revised by Burr Steers (”Igby Goes Down”).

The movie is one of three to which Aniston has committed since ”Friends” ended production two months ago. She’s also starring in the drama ”Diary,” about a married woman whose journal is used against her, and in an untitled comedy-drama about a woman who is horrified to learn that her own family was the inspiration for ”The Graduate.” She’ll be acting alongside MacLaine in that film; maybe she’ll get some tips from the veteran actress for her ”Gambit” role.

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