The 12 best (and worst) lovers on ''Friends'' |


The 12 best (and worst) lovers on ''Friends''

Feeling nostalgic about the May 6 ''Friends'' finale? Then look back with us at the Central Perk gang's 12 most memorable lovers, including Tom Selleck, Julia Roberts, and Brooke Shields

Matthew Perry, Maggie Wheeler, ...
Tom Selleck, Courteney Cox, ...

Dr. Richard Burke

Tom Selleck

Dr. Richard Burke was a memorable ”Friends” ex

DATED Monica

SEASONS 2, 3, and 6

DATING TYPE The Handsome Older Guy

THE LOVE STORY After Monica lands a catering job for family friend Dr. Burke, they fall in love. Unfortunately, Richard can’t warm to a second go at fatherhood, a deal breaker for baby-hungry Monica. By the time Richard changes his mind, Chandler has taken his place.

FUN FACT In 1967, he appeared on ”The Dating Game.” Courteney Cox was 3 at the time. Eww.

POST-”FRIENDS” He was the frustrated dad on the CBS TV movie ”12 Mile Road.”