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What happened to ''Karen Sisco''?

What happened to ''Karen Sisco''? Critic Ken Tucker explains why the networks are so quick to pull shows -- even good ones -- off the air

Carla Gugino, Karen Sisco

(Karen Sisco: Vivian Zink/ABC)

What happened to ”Karen Sisco”?

Why do the networks take shows off so quickly? Also, wasn’t ABC going to bring back ”Karen Sisco”? – Tony

Unaired ”Siscos” are being burned off on the USA Network (Wednesdays, 10 p.m.). But you’re right: Nets want immediate hits (big ratings = big ad bucks) and yank too soon; there’s always a cheaper reality show waiting to replace a quirky series. The nets do pay a price: Playing fast and loose with shows like ”Sisco” partly explains why ABC is down 10 percent in viewers this year.

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